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Welcome from your eChampion

August 19, 2012

Hello Gippsland eLeaders,

Welcome to our blog.  I am looking forward to working with you all, sharing resources, building your eCapability and developing a digital presence in your organisation.  As Junita mentioned, this will be an important place to reflect on your practices and leave comments along the way.  Use this as your personal learning network to connect with others in the project across Gippsland.

I think the most difficult thing about blogging is the first step. Usually the first questions are  What will I say?  What will others say about what I have written?  Will my comments make me look like a complete goose?  Now, all of these are fair questions, but I really have to say that you just have to get in there an give it a go and know that this is your space.   Only people in our network have access to this blog so it is only open to us for comment.  Really,  you say what you feel, ask questions you want to know answers to and reflect on how you are progressing in the project.  It is the best way that Junita and I can focus our guidance if we know how you are progressing.  Others will make comment about what you have written – that is the idea – you will be surprised what you can learn from another’s comment – that is the value of informal learning.  All comments will be regarded with integrity and it is important to remember this when you post.  If you want to do a bit of background reading on Nettiquette, check out this link.

Basically Junita and I are here to assist you in your eLearning journey.  Transparency is the key.  This blog will be central to your project and along with the ACENetwork ning (see previous post for link), a perfect accompaniment to  your learning.  It is necessary to be engaged in the project to get maximum benefit from it.  Engagement is about relevance, so be clear on what you needs are and ask – we are only too happy to provide guidance.

Soon we will be organising our first onsite visit to you all to determine how we can assist you in building your eCapability.  Watch this space for more information



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