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eChampion Site visit updates

September 10, 2012

Hello Gippsland eLeaders,

It was great to meet up with Cathy and  Judy from Warragul Community House, Vesna from GEST Moe and Jenny (and the team)  from TNLH last week.  Due to the weather, Yinnar was without power so we had to postpone this visit until later on this week.  It looks like every organisation has its own set of individual needs and it will be exciting to be able to support you in discovering and developing your digital capability.  Be sure to keep up to date with our group by regularly checking into this blog.

Like I mentioned, the blog will be the place where you can come to ask questions and seek help and feedback.  For those organisations that I have visited so far, you should also be part of the ACENetwork.ning (the Community of Practice for the Learn Local regions).  It is great to go here often to see what free events you can join and see what other Learn Local organisations are doing (and even get some ideas for your own organisation).  How is the Google account going?  I hope you have spent a bit of time having a look around this fantastic tool.  I will endeavour to show you some thing new each week about this fantastic service.

This week, i am going to show you how to get all of these blog posts to come to your gmail account – it will make keeping up with us much easier.  In the coming weeks, (after all the site visits are complete), we will meet in a virtual classroom for our first online meeting.  Here we will show you the interface and begin to share with you some ideas that you can use for your organisations.  This will also be a place where you can ask us for specific requests (how do i…….?) – a very important support tool as you begin to develop your goals.

How is the Google Document that we asked you to fill in going?  You can find a link to it from the front page of the blog on the RHS (it will be under your organisation name).  It is necessary for you to complete this as part of your obligation to the program.  It will also give us a clearer idea as to what you need and how we can support you.

Keep a check at the top of the page as we will be continually added resources and tutorials to this section of the blog.

So here is to our first tutorial – How to subscribe to this blog so that all posts come directly to your gmail account.

1.  At the top of this page, on the RHS you will see this message

Follow us

2.  You can add your gmail account here (the one we set up), or if you have signed it to wordpress, you will be able to just click the ‘follow’ button.

3.  Once you have entered your details, your screen will change to:

4. Click on the ‘manage’ link and fill and check the receive by email check box

5.  You will now receive all posts by email.  Sensational.

eSpeak soon


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