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The Journey so far

November 2, 2012

You will all notice I have added the wonderful information that Leo added to a new page that you will find the Link to the tabs navigation bar.
I have done this as I would like to keep the front page of this blog for conversation.
We would appreciate it if you would investigate some of the tools we have added to the Tutorial page.
The last couple of weeks has found most of you a bit busy and it has been difficult to get you all together at the same time. Art Resource has pulled out of the project as they were unable to contribute time to the program. Most of the Google docs have been completed and it has given us an idea of your needs.

I do hope you enjoyed the newsletter and it kept you informed I will be doing this monthly to remind you of how we envisage your progress and to gauge what you have missed.
ACFE eLeaders newsletter – October 2012

Have you registered? we highly recommend this 2 day conference that displays how some learn Local organisations are developing their skills towards e-Learning. On the Friday we will be part of a presentation table so would love you to join Leo and I.
It is a perfect time to network across regions and learn about innovative ways to develop e-Learning. All adult education sectors are involved in this conference.

The webinars are in full swing although we are missing two weeks, we will be on track again very soon.

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