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Community College EG

Classroom teaching.

Community College East Gippsland which was then known as BACE was where I started my teaching career. It was something that fell into my lap that I grasped with both hands and found my place within an educational environment. I started out teaching locals how to cook international cookery. The classes were popular and started in the 1990,s. During this time I would run a class out of the Bairnsdale high school on behalf of BACE (Bairnsdale Adult Community Education).

In 2004 I was invited to the college to teach Safe food handling and Responsible service of Alchohol. I was sent away to be trained and received my certificates in the subject matter that I would teach including my certificate 4 in workplace training and assessment. I was then qualified to teach accredited subjects to Adult learners aged 14-60.  The VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) allowed me to hone many of my skills  in hospitality operations, cookery, motel accomodation, Tab corp, food safety supervisor and events management. It was a perfect match for me as I understood my student base which were students that felt disengaged or had learning disabilities and needed a different approach than the traditional forms of learning.  I also taught a number of students who where ESL (English as a second language) learners and came from across the world.

One of the aims to VCAL is to help the students develop future employment opportunities so all the training was a pathway to employment. We set up a cafe so that the students could learn everything they could about the hospitality industry which is a flourishing industry in East Gippsland.

Every aspect of the cafe training allowed the students to experience what could be a lucrative career for them. They were able to learn every part of the industry including team work, problem solving, presentation and hygiene.

The cafe was open to teachers, students, staff and sometimes catered for meetings conferences and functions.

I also ran cookery classes, safe food handling and responsible service of alcohol to Students at the Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House .

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