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Life in the Outback

The Move

Things often change and we tend to go with the flow.  In July  2017 we purchased a house in Outback South Australia. In a small frontier Opal mining town Andamooka almost 700 km from the city of Adelaide.


People ask me why?  Because we could afford to paye cash for a place that we could call our own.  My job with Broadband for Seniors  was about to end due to our government moving the contract offshore. So it seemed sensible to use what funds we had and secure a home to see us through our years.

It was quite a task to pack and move 1900kms and we managed it with the help of one of our close friends. Who with Rod drove non stop unloaded and drove the truck we hired back with only coffee and snack breaks.  We had already taken the lounge suite over when we finally viewed the house we had purchased. All transactions were done online.


The biggest job once we got here was to clean the red dust out of the house and to make sure everything was working well.

Settling In

There are many changes we have had to make in our everyday life the main one is adjusting to the desert weather. With temperatures that can range from below 0C to up in the range 45C to 50C.  It didn’t take long to start feeling the difference in the weather and to becoming climatized. You don’t perspire out here as the heat is such a dry heat. Being able to control the weather in the house is paramount. The house has two split systems and one gas heater and all will be of great value to our wellbeing.

One of the first things was to change licences and get cars registered fot the state of SA.  We are now officially South Australians.

It’s been an  interesting year with such change I haven’t had time to settle in as I have had to travel to Adelaide for my illness almost fortnightly since January.

Andamooka is an interesting town the locals are tough souls and very different from people I have known before. I do believe it  is because life can be  hard out here. The weather gets scorching hot or freezing cold and summer seemed to last forever in the heat that was painful. Thank goodness for the splitsystem cooling. It’s the only way I could survive a summer.

We have settled in now I may not have met many people but those I have met I like and I have enjoyed sitting back and watching instead of jumping in with  both feet.

looks like we found our home.

I have been lucky to get involved in things I am passionate about I was unlucky to get cancer but lucky to meet some lovely people. People that are the salt of the earth in terms of friendship and protecting each other.  If ever I need help it is easy to find and we have strong community spirit amongst our small social group.

I am very happy with my life glad I made the move and find Andamooka a fascinating place.


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