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Digital Andamooka


Digital Andamooka is my photography page on facebook. It also represents my artistic side in terms of technology out of the classroom.

Once we retire from our careers we have a need to reinvent ourselves so my reinvention is now through a lense.

I first started playing with photography in February 2016 when I  purchased a sweet Pentax Kx on gumtree. It was pre loved and a bargain at $150 . Suddenly  I had a new passion for photography.

My first photos were work related as I traveled across Victoria to many country towns meeting seniors and teaching them technology.

Then I moved to taking photos of sea birds and the beauty of East Gippsland surrounds.   In 2017 I relocated to the Outback town of Andamooka so my photography has taken on a very different colour scheme.  The sunrises and sunsets are as beautiful as the coast. The Animal life has gone from sea birds and mammals to wedge tail eagles, falcons and emus.

Who knows one day I may end up being a decent photographer.

I was fortunate enough to be part of SALA (South Australian Living Arts) in Andamooka for a month and shared my photos via digital screen. It made me proud to be called an artist.


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