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Outback Junita,s Aussie Play List RoxFM 105.5


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The perfect hobbie and my newest project is being a DJ for the local Roxby Downs ROX FM. I have been offered a two hour show of Australian Music. Wednesday,s 8.30-10.30am. We call it “Junita,s Aussie Playlist”

First weeks running sheet completed for the 2 hour segment. It took me a while to get into the swing of it but once I started my problem solving skills kicked in.

I certainly am lucky that I know many musicians from my past so I am able to get some old and current  music.

Stay Tuned.

First week went off with only a couple of hitches I had dead air time a couple of times for a couple seconds as I was clicking on the wrong menu.  I also misspoke a couple of words.  The running sheet went close to time although I had to add another song at the end of the show. There wasn’t one of the news times that I expected. We just slotted in the nips are getting bigger by mental as anything.

Im hoping I keep with an eclectic mix and I realise I will have to play some music I’m not a fan off down the track but for now I am sharing songs from AMRAP AirIt and my own Cd Collection. I have CD,s arriving in the mail from friends in bands across the country.

The work got easier I was able to find the music I wanted a lot quicker the second time around. So show two is ready I just have to make some 10 second a time notes about the bands as the show progresses. Good to be listening to new music. We are so lucky to have such amazing talent here in Australia glad I can share some of it with our local audience.

The actual desk is a lot easier than the first time I ever did a radio show over 30 years ago. It’s all computerised so that’s fantastic. It’s about coordination and not forgetting to turn off the mike.

I am 5 weeks in and loving it. Have had a couple of issues nothing to dramatic or unforgivable. I do believe it’s been wonderful for me to get into something so much fun.

Here is an example of a playlist.




I’m over a year in now and love every minute of it the interviewing is going well and I’m adding my playlist to an AMRAP Page on  our website so easy to see what’s happening.  The station itself is trying to get our selv3 out of financial difficulties so now is run solely by volunteers.

i have joined the board as secretary so I do hope I can contribute some of the skills I have.

This has been so much fun although I have a break for 2 months over Summer.

Interviews are getting more frequent I was thrilled to interview quite a number of musicians that are becoming very popular. Laura Imbruglia, Garret Kato, Shelley Segal, Bec Sandridge and Eaglemont are just a few.

Music has been easy for me to find thanks to AMRAP Airit. Who supply me with lots of Aussie music

Musicians , bands , producers and managers send me music files via my email.

I am learning how to edit the website and helping moderate the Facebook page.

Its a great way to volunteer my time during this cancer treatment that I still have.

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