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Junita,s Aussie Play List ROXFM

The perfect hobbie and my newest project is being a DJ for the local Roxby Downs ROX FM. I have been offered a two hour show of Australian Music. Wednesday,s 8.30-10.30am. We call it “Junita,s Aussie Playlist”

First weeks running sheet completed for the 2 hour segment. It took me a while to get into the swing of it but once I started my problem solving skills kicked in.

I certainly am lucky that I know many musicians from my past so I am able to get some old and current  music.

Stay Tuned.

First week went off with only a couple of hitches I had dead air time a couple of times for a couple seconds as I was clicking on the wrong menu.  I also misspoke a couple of words.  The running sheet went close to time although I had to add another song at the end of the show. There wasn’t one of the news times that I expected. We just slotted in the nips are getting bigger by mental as anything.

Im hoping I keep with an eclectic mix and I realise I will have to play some music I’m not a fan off down the track but for now I am sharing songs from AMRAP AirIt and my own Cd Collection. I have CD,s arriving in the mail from friends in bands across the country.

The work got easier I was able to find the music I wanted a lot quicker the second time around. So show two is ready I just have to make some 10 second a time notes about the bands as the show progresses. Good to be listening to new music. We are so lucky to have such amazing talent here in Australia glad I can share some of it with our local audience.

The actual desk is a lot easier than the first time I ever did a radio show over 30 years ago. It’s all computerised so that’s fantastic. It’s about coordination and not forgetting to turn off the mike.

I am 5 weeks in and loving it. Have had a couple of issues nothing to dramatic or unforgivable. I do believe it’s been wonderful for me to get into something so much fun.

Here is an example of a playlist.





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