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Digital Gippsland

My journey with technology  is  almost a decade old . During this time I have added my input as a collaborative colleague  on a number of innovative educational programs.

During this decade I have been lucky enough to have worked with some very clever and passionate people that inspired me and taught me a new world of skills.  I have always seen the internet as something that allows everyone to discover life long learning.  This journey first started  with the help of a great manager, mentor and colleague who help me develop skills that would take me to the moon and back . My first time learning about using technology as a tool in the classroom was to an developed online accredited safe food handling course.  To be beamed out via Wimba  live across the far east wilderness areas of East Gippsland . Since then I was hooked on technology and its benefit. After a number of projects and pathways that have taken me in so many positive directions. I have moved to networking and creating the odd resource or delivering a webinar for our Seniors across Australia and loving it.

I’m a strong believer of a blended delivery that is why networking suits me. Having face to face contact when needed is the perfect fit . Teamed with webinars, online resources forums and  phone service support. My experience shows me people like to be visited at least once, especially when they are responsible for their own learning.  It creates a better outcome. Technology is changing all the time. How quickly it is advancing is amazing and I’m loving, watch it all happen.

I am also grateful be part of it all still.


my journey