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Moodle: Developing skills and knowledge

November 17, 2012

You all have your user name and password for the  Moodle and have teachers rights. Most of you have  completed the first weeks task . Well done!    This coming week we will teach you how to set up a page, and Leo will take you further on your Moodle journey.  Leo has extensive knowledge about Moodle and I am sure he will be happy to answer your questions.

The moodle has been developed so it will not overwhelm you.  It offers a learning space that focuses on your e-Mentor Project Journey.  All tools are tools that are currently being implemented at Learn Locals across the state.

You will find the forums inside the Moodle the perfect way to interact with the 2 e- Mentors and 2 e-Champions who bring to the Moodle an extensive knowledge of e-learning, collaboration and  and networking skills.

Remember to go back to your planning document at Google docs on occasion and add to it, over time, as you start getting an idea of what your organisation is wanting  to implement so we can add a course in the Moodle for you.This is an exciting project  and we are glad you have joined us, as we help you build your e-capability and create even further sustainability.

Regards Junita

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