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Broadband for Seniors ALA

Broadband for seniors blogs

The Broadband for Seniors was is annititive delivered by Adult Learning Australia . It has consortium partners that work with ALA to deliver the program.

BFS kiosks  located all around Australia.

The program is available to anyone 50 years or over who wants to learn how to use a computer and surf the Internet free of charge.

Broadband for Seniors has already assisted over 650,000 seniors since its establishment in 2008.

Adult Learning Australia employ me to  help deliver “The Broadband for Seniors Program”.

My role as Broadband for Seniors Networker.  Is to connect Hosts and Tutors and many seniors across the state to our online resources, webinars, support groups and information  websites . I am supported by my colleagues who create resources develop curriculum  and manage the help line and oversee the project and tying it all together.

I travel the state for a few days a month. Troubleshooting , sharing information collecting data, delivering presentations to Seniors and always offering support.

Broadband for Seniors Internet Kiosks are found in most towns. Internet Kiosks can be found in Bowls Clubs, RSL, Senior Citizen Groups ,Residential Villages and Historical Society’s. Social Groups. Neighbourhood Houses, Community Centres ,Library’s and Aged Care Facility’s.

The goal at each place is to help Seniors  learn technology  using Adult Learning Principles. With the help and assistance of a small team of dedicated volunteers

One of my roles is also to help populate our Broadband for Seniors Support wiki and keep in touch with everyone by phone and email and deliver some training webinars each year.

In October 2017 Adult Learning Australia and the Broadband for Seniors program was discontinued and the government funding went to British company Good thing foundation to deliver a new program for Seniors in Australia.

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