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Community Engagement Projects


EPCOP MOOC and Become an e-learner.

It was exciting working on program’s with  educators across the world and Australia. Networking with each other allowed us to develop and trial new things. Developing new skills with colleagues as we went along. With our influencers such as Jane Hart keeping us in tune with the new technology tools that were gaining popularity Coach Carole decided to create a MOOC around e portfolios and course around e-learner skills

it was the perfect way to continue learning how to teach online and gave me an opportunity to enhance my skills.

e-portfolios can play an important role in documenting your artefacts so that you have your evidence, outcomes, qualifications and further learning stored in the one place.

I had already been a strong believer that e-portfolios are a great classroom resource as far back as 2010 when I first started getting my students to set up wikis so they could demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Being part of an e-portfolio MOOC was very exciting and working with others  involved in the The Australia E-series helped us all network further. We all made life long online friends.  It drew us all to a global network which has kept us informed to this day.   It was great brainstorming and helping develop some of the resourcres, working in forums and being part of the webinars .  There are so many clever people out there that are happy to share their skillset and knowledge.

During this time I met many people from around the world educators that were keen to experiment with e-portfolios.  These friendships have lasted and I still network and learn from these clever people.

There were a group of us from the Australia e-series Community Connect series that helped moderate training sessions and help support those that had never experienced Blackboard collaborate webinar.  We used a Ning as our collective forum where people shared information and showed us how their e-portfolios were progressing. I enjoyed this project a lot and glad I was a team member of something so fantastic.

Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House


I have had a long association with Lakes Entrance Neighborhood House it is where I predominately worked face to face as a sessional facilitator for a few years off and on. I  delivered classes about ICT and cookery (another passion) . These classes were designed for the locals in our community.

Tutoring  Facebook , beginners computer, photo sharing, email and blog creation and helping with an online toolbox driver education program to indigenous students

Just one of the classes I delivered was a cookery class that helped long-term unemployed learn new life skills teamed up with blogs.  Taught local business people how to develop an e-portfolio.

Lakes 1
We ran a successful program that was ACFE funded where a group of business people developed an e-portfolio. It was a lot of fun and we trailed a number of types of platforms. Some worked some did not.

lakes 5

This project provided members of the community with the opportunity to gain Employability and E-learning skills developed through a variety of communication tools.
Participants  developed an E Portfolio assisting them to identify their skills both previous and current. This strengthened  their employment opportunities and provided them with evidence towards the RPL process.

The Project Objectives were

  •     Provide  IT training so as to successfully explore web20 tools
  •     Explore Eportfolios their styles and variety of uses
  •     Develop individual E Portfolios
  •     Explore individual employment pathways
  •     Explore individual pathways for future training at Cert 3,Cert 4 & Diploma level
  •     Provide opportunities to develop employability and team skills
  •     Develop 21st Century networking skills

Increase the awareness and highlight the value of  EPortfolios with Job Network providers and individuals working closely with local youth.

The project addressed the needs of the targeted learner group  by providing them with the skills to develop employability skills ,increase their understanding and use of web20 tools and the development of their personal Eportfolio.

Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House


YNH (Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House Services Inc employed  me on a casual basis to co- facilitate a fully online course called
Reflect and Connect on Professional Practice 

reflect and connect
Become an e-learner
The Reflect and Connect accredited Course changed  the way I think and focus on my professional practice and my role in the big picture of things. I am not an academic but I still have a role to play.
I enjoyed being one of the facilitators and learned a lot as I went along guided by Carole McCulloch and Pauline Wilson

I enjoyed being one of the first port of calls for those that were ready to enter the world of blended delivery for classroom practice. I have watched  talent blossom around me and the learning evolve in positive ways that have engaged.
I enjoyed brainstorming with such talented people and to work with them. I have made many friends on this journey that are part of my life long learning, we share information, ideas, ideals and a passion for the welfare of our students and how can we engage
The Reflect and Connect course (and innovative thinking) allowed me to get to a place in my life where I am today.

To reflect on ones practice is very important it allows for us to see where our practice needs change. It allows for feedback

 Buchan Neighbourhood House

Buchan 1

 Buchan 21

Buchan webinar 2

The Small NFP Learn Local at Buchan has  already seen the sense in being well networked. As a isolated Neighbourhood house they used  technology to teach teachers across the state using a blended delivery. Evelyn the coordinator is a powerhouse of energy and puts ideas into reality so quickly. I loved working with her.

So although they are Isolated they now can deliver courses further afield.

The Buchan Project was an exciting community ICT project that had us delivering innovative learning.  By creating support mentors on site and on the regular online webinars to all demographics of the township and out lying areas of the Buchan District.
This project was funded by Library’s Victoria . The team consisted of Myself, Katt Mathews, Fiona Ross and Evelyn Schmidt.

Katt Mathews  joined us from the peninsula to deliver the online webinars while fIona eVelyn and I were the face to face support . We trailed having  a maths teacher meet up on line with a couple of the local primary school students to help them with their homework. Evelyn Schmidt coordinator of the Buchan Neighbourhood House and ACFE e-Champion was the program lead and was the person who sought the funding opportunity. Many things worked well some not so well.

This project was launched by Tim Bull and Darren Chester Local and Federal Goverment.
This project is expanding in 2013 and a number of isolated towns are wishing to come on board and we are happy to have them join us in this community engagement project

Using technology enhanced learning provided the teacher and student with new ways of teaching and learning. And Buchan were able to get more funding to continue evolving through an ACFE Project Learn and Connect

December 5th Advertisment Draft 1-portrait
E-Learning can come in many forms from setting up student e-portfilios of their daily work or using toolboxes or learning management systems such as Moodle. How we developed our e- learning strategies depended on the student cohorts and what is suited to the curriculum we were delivering.

Many accredited units can be adjusted to incorporate an e-learning component or developed for a completely online course. Buchan has also gone on to great things they have connected as partners in  GELLA and working with Federation Training.


The Learn and Connect program was awarded a runner-up at the ACFE Awards. I was only involved for one year with this program and it continued with the expertise of my past colleagues.



 Centre for Adult Education


This project was led by Anne Hardingham with Katt Matthews and myself co-collaborators. We had a lot of fun with this and I know I liked Lync very much. It was enjoyable working with these to woman. Both had minds so sharp
The aim was to set up a number of Learn Local organisations to trial Lync in the workplace.

Lync is…. Instant messaging…voice and/or video conferencing…desktop / application / file sharing on the fly.This was an exemplar project for Learn Local organisations in the use of Microsoft® Lync™ as acommunication / teaching tool. Access to the tool is already available through the Microsoft Agreement, Through training and support.ACFE eMentors and eChamps will continue to use Lync as a communication tool across Victoria,connecting with 61 Learn Local centres currently in the ACFE eMentor project 2012 / 2013.The objectives for 2013 are for CAE and AMES to:

  • provide access to and technical support for MS Lync to managers and teachers
  • explore the use of Lync on mobile devices such as iPads, initially for the eMentors and eChamps
  • establish online communities of practice across participating Learn Local organisations in Victoria
  • focus on developing Lync as a tool in developing alternative training / support models for Learn Local centres
  • develop a series of case studies showcasing the use of Lync in the Learn Local sector


Australia E-series

This is where it all started for me.  It was my passion for a few years and made me understand my urge for life long learning.

Australia e-series was a free online pedagogy for teachers,managers and professionals wishing to share and learn about how technology can improve on their practice.

I was invited by Carole McCulloch and Anne Mirtschin to organise and implement a regular free PD every Thursday night which I called Community Connect. Over the 3 years I was involved in Community Connect I became networked with others that were of like mind.

Each week one or two of the team would deliver a webinar about a technology tool they had learned to use. The webinars were regularly attended weekly by keen teachers from around the world.

Katt Mathews also played a large role in its success her ability to digest new tools and to be able to share her knowledge was fantastic. We collaborated a lot on this project. Many of the people learning each week would then come back and teach a new tools so we had many clever guests. Some came from across the world and taught us about podcasting ,blogging anything we had the desire to learn and share.

I was proud of what we achieved and watched other careers blossom including my own with the new knowledge we were now armed with.

The webinar room was donated free by Steve Hargadon who was one of the developers of a free global online education platform. It was wonderful being part of this annitiative and I was pleased to pass on the batten to others that had joined me on this journey. They were memorable times and I am so glad I experienced them and was part of such dramatic change.


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