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E-Mentor Gippsland


Junita Lyon ACFE E-Mentor

The ACFE E-Mentor Project was an innovative program funded by ACFE and Skills Victoria and was a big influence on my life.  After being the regions e-Champion under the Mentor ship of Carole McCulloch.  I was invited to be the Gippsland Region ACFE E-Mentor. It was delivered by CAE Melbourne innovation department and the very clever and innovative Josie Rose and a team of educators from the ACFE sector across the state. We met a few times a year face to face and monthly online .

This was a life changing opportunity that immersed me into technology and teamed me up with  great Mentors ,e-Champions and inquisitive e-Leaders . The project gave us all a chance to network and learn more than we ever imagined. Our role was to help teachers, tutors and management to develop technology skills. To ready them for the future.To embed an eCapabilty  at all the organizations

We talked about the shift to technology and introduced them to creative ideas while trialing the technology our selves.. During the 2  years I was the E-Mentor I was joined by two very Talented E-Champions Leo Gregorg  and Evelyn Schmidt. Both had vision and commitment and are successful people, passionate about what they do.

E-Mentor Gippsland.


Gippsland  E-Champions Evelyn Schmidt and Leo Gregorc

The project allowed people working for ACFE  the opportunity to up skill. flyer Roadshow1


The organisations involved were ACFE Funded Neighbourhood Houses and VET providers. Everything went to plan over the years and we documented our journey on many blogs and websites now lost to oblivion. Or like this one been re-invented.

We did a lot of good, opening the door to technology for so many. Some have picked it up and ran with it and are now doing magical things in their lives. Others didn’t bother but found they must know the basics now to survive.


The E-mentor Teams

The E mentor project covered a large area of Victoria. We worked along side 2 E-Mentors from the South East and joined forces. That is when we joined forces with  Katt Matthews a woman that kept us interested and excited in what can be achieved for many years.

We delivered webinars flipped classrooms and discovered how to network using a ning. We found  Moodle created courses and developed a myriad of skills and knowledge. We had day long workshops and trailed a lot of new ideas that were successful.

The weekly webinars including the summer series were a great hit and well attended throughout the project, everyone was slowly  embracing the pedagogy.

It is always good to see the flow on effect a project produces most of our region Learn Local now have technology embedded into their organisations. Because of the equipment grants that were on offer at the time, many took the opportunity to introduce IPads, tablets and laptops, which has made it easier to implement the many new skillsets we have all developed over time.Summer Series

Networking also played a huge role in building partnerships, marketing and improves our professional development.

Everyone has done well in life and are all still part of innovative projects. They are true thought Leaders and all are still Adult Educators






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